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Wink, Inc. originally started as just an excavating company. We have definitely learned some things along the way. We have completed tons of projects for private land and business owners and also for state, federal, and local programs. We have built rock walls, dug in utilities, developed huge chunks of land, built miles of road, prepped roads for paving, and so much more. If you are in need of some excavation expertise, feel free to contact us from the number on the bottom. 

Services Provided:

- Utility Installation 

- Sewer Systems / Sewer Repair

- Dump Trucks / Side Dumps

- Retaining / Rock Walls

- Bridge Repair / Bridge Installation

- Water Main Repair / Installation

- Sand & Gravel

- Road Building

- Sit Clearing

- Land Development

- Culverts

- Pad Building

- Government Projects

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